The Phone Slap


What is this phone-slap phenomenon you ask?

Say goodbye to phone- slaps! The latest gadget for sleep texting.

Introducing the “Smart-phone clip on flexible arm”. Devised by Japanese gadget company Thanko, this bad boy helps you keep texting, watching or reading while you lie down. As the name suggests, the flexible allows you to use your phone in a ‘hands free’ manner. Say goodbye to phone- slaps!

But in all seriousness, behind the novelty of this gadget there’s actually something unnerving. When did texting becoming more important than sleep? Not to mention you could die from it. Read Blandine’s story here


Can YOU imagine what would happen if this invention really took off in other countries?

Let us know your thoughts!

Goodnight fellow naptivists!



4 thoughts on “The Phone Slap

  1. Wow! This is eyeopening – really makes you realise how addicted to our phones we are! I think we need to start focusing more on separating ourselves from our phones an hour before we go to sleep so we can get to sleep sooner and have a better nights rest rather than being able to use it more easily in bed.

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    1. absolutely! Sleep should be our priority. Whether we admit this or not, we are attached to our phones (some more than others). Remember that screen lights trick your brain into believing it’s daytime, making it harder to fall asleep. So my challenge to everyone is: switch off your screens at least one hour before bed.


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