To the left, to the left

To the left, to the left

Which side do you sleep on?

Left, right, front or back- they can all affect your health.

Sleeping on your back can cause breathing difficulties- a no go for anyone with asthma or sleep apnea.

Sleeping on your right worsens digestion problems (you got to break it down) while sleeping on your left improves digestive symptoms.

Ok, so this all seems a bit far-fetched maybe? But WAIT until you hear the facts.

Experts say the left is better for us, here’s why:

  1. Give your heart a break

One of the biggest players on the left side is your heart. Sleeping on your left means the lymph drainage toward the heart will be aided by gravity, which means less work for your heart.

2. The clean, mean fighting machine 

The spleen, which is part of the lymphatic system is also on the left. The spleen is much like a giant lymph node, expect apart from lymph, it also filters blood. Helping the lymph and blood to drain with gravity is a good thing.

3. It reduces heartburn

Let us know which side you feel most comfortable sleeping on!

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Happy snoozing,



5 thoughts on “To the left, to the left

  1. Love this! I feel much better now after reading this article as I always sleep on my left, simply because it faces away from the morning sun coming from my window! Run The Track is a campaign that looks to encourage young people to get outside and start running to their favourite music to combat everyday stress. Check out our recent post about the benefits of exercise for regulating sleep:


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