The Original Power Nap

The Original Power Nap

Ever wondered what’s the science behind napping?

This week’s Halloween special is all about naps!

A mid afternoon power nap has been shown to be more recuperative than a nap taken at other times of the day.

In fact, there’s a whole range of naps to choose from- some more effective than others. Check it out!

  1. The Nano-Nap– ever nodded off on someone’s shoulder on the train? These brief intervals (10-20 secs) of napping are still being debated on their effectiveness!
  2. The Micro-Nap – this one’s a beauty! 2-5 minutes to shred the sleepiness.
  3. The Mini-Nap – a go-to for athletes. Increases alertness, stamina, motor learning and motor performance in 5 – 20 mins!
  4. Wait for it………………..The Original Power Nap! (in 20 minutes)

cover baby sleep

Improves muscle memory and clears the brain of useless built up memory- great for building long-term memory. Anyone doing exams? This one’s for you!

Take our poll to find out which nap type is the best for you!

Let us know in the comments below which ones worked for you!

Happy Halloween to our American readers!

Snooze wisely,



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