The Original Power Nap

The Original Power Nap

Ever wondered what’s the science behind napping?

This week’s Halloween special is all about naps!

A mid afternoon power nap has been shown to be more recuperative than a nap taken at other times of the day.

In fact, there’s a whole range of naps to choose from- some more effective than others. Check it out!

  1. The Nano-Nap– ever nodded off on someone’s shoulder on the train? These brief intervals (10-20 secs) of napping are still being debated on their effectiveness!
  2. The Micro-Nap – this one’s a beauty! 2-5 minutes to shred the sleepiness.
  3. The Mini-Nap – a go-to for athletes. Increases alertness, stamina, motor learning and motor performance in 5 – 20 mins!
  4. Wait for it………………..The Original Power Nap! (in 20 minutes)

cover baby sleep

Improves muscle memory and clears the brain of useless built up memory- great for building long-term memory. Anyone doing exams? This one’s for you!

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Let us know in the comments below which ones worked for you!

Happy Halloween to our American readers!

Snooze wisely,


I learnt this the hard way – Arianna Huffington

I learnt this the hard way – Arianna Huffington

Two-and-a-half years ago, I fainted from exhaustion. I hit my head on my desk. I broke my cheekbone, I got five stitches on my right eye. And I began the journey of rediscovering the value of sleep.”

Meet Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post.  Learning the value of sleep the hard way, Arianna shares the discovery which led her to a bigger idea: the power of a good night’s sleep.


“I was recently having dinner with a guy who bragged that he had only gotten four hours sleep the night before. And I felt like saying to him — but I didn’t say it — I felt like saying, “You know what? If you had gotten five, this dinner would have been a lot more interesting.”

“I’m here to tell you that the way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is getting enough sleep. And we women are going to lead the way in this new revolution, this new feminist issue. We are literally going to sleep our way to the top, literally.”

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Thanks to our lovely reader Lauren et Chiffon for this week’s story idea!

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The Brainchild of Snooze

The Brainchild of Snooze

I used to struggle to fall asleep, so I started Choose to Snooze and it worked wonders.


Maybe it was the poor diet, the lack of exercise or the compulsive need to check my phone every five minutes- the point is: I couldn’t get to sleep.

Most nights, I’d get 5 hours if I was lucky.

The impact of not enough sleep was devastating. It made me want to crawl out of my skin, but even then I didn’t realise the full extent.

Until one day, I was inspired by a blog called NapNow, so much so that I wrote my first blog post.

A 20 minute power nap can renew your energy, naturally and for free, in the time it takes for a coffee break.

It made me realise the power of sleep to restore the body and mind.

So why am I telling you this? Not because I want you to feel sorry for me or think that I’m better than anyone else, but because I know many of YOU reading this can relate.

Choose to Snooze is about YOU enjoying the benefits of a quality sleep.

So get snoozing!


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To the left, to the left

To the left, to the left

Which side do you sleep on?

Left, right, front or back- they can all affect your health.

Sleeping on your back can cause breathing difficulties- a no go for anyone with asthma or sleep apnea.

Sleeping on your right worsens digestion problems (you got to break it down) while sleeping on your left improves digestive symptoms.

Ok, so this all seems a bit far-fetched maybe? But WAIT until you hear the facts.

Experts say the left is better for us, here’s why:

  1. Give your heart a break

One of the biggest players on the left side is your heart. Sleeping on your left means the lymph drainage toward the heart will be aided by gravity, which means less work for your heart.

2. The clean, mean fighting machine 

The spleen, which is part of the lymphatic system is also on the left. The spleen is much like a giant lymph node, expect apart from lymph, it also filters blood. Helping the lymph and blood to drain with gravity is a good thing.

3. It reduces heartburn

Let us know which side you feel most comfortable sleeping on!

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A lack of sleep will kill me- Eamonn Holmes

A lack of sleep will kill me- Eamonn Holmes

Meet Eamonn- Irish journalist and broadcaster who survives on only 4 hours of sleep per night and is worried his job will kill him.

Working 18 hour shifts isn’t easy either.

‘Every year I get a health check-up and the doctor says I’m ok, but I think sleep deprivation is a very bad thing.

‘I’m good at it but I’m sure it will kill me at some point. I’m up at 4am and I do my job, then fit in lots of other things – sometimes I’m not home until 9pm…’

Read more here

Have you experienced sleepless nights like this?

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My Journey to Better Sleep- Sonia Padam

My Journey to Better Sleep- Sonia Padam

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Meet Sonia – founder of Eight Hour Studio, the designers of contemporary and luxurious sleepwear.

Her motto in life is WORK PLAY SLEEP – with each day broken up into 8 hours of each.

You’ll be surprised to know the reason behind her passion was a struggle with sleeping issues. That’s when she embarked on a journey to better sleep.

“Many of us have sleeping issues of one kind or another, and it can be extremely frustrating and detrimental to our day-to-day lives. The impact of poor quality or not enough sleep can be devastating, but often we may not even realise the full extent of the impact. This is something that I am very passionate about, because I have been one of those people…”

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Time to get your nap game on!


Nudes or prudes?

Nudes or prudes?

Do people actually wear pajamas?

In a survey by the National Sleep Foundation , one third of UK said they sleep nude.

Another survey down under found only 18% of Aussies choose to sleep naked.

Experts say sleeping naked is better for your health. Here’s why:

  1. PJ’s are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria

Your private parts will thank you! Underwear and PJs keep heat and moisture locked in- which means those bacteria are having a party.


2. Keep your cool

Studies show that cooler temperatures of about 18 (°C) are better for a restful night. Your body temperature rises and falls with your sleep cycle. If the air in your room is too hot,  it may interfere with your body’s natural dip and keep you tossing and turning at night.

We challenge you to try it out this week! Let us know in the comments below what worked!

Keep on snoozing!


5 Ways to make your room sleep worthy

5 Ways to make your room sleep worthy

Does your bedroom look anything like this?


Research shows that your sleep environment contributes to the quality of rest. Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary. Use your five senses to create the best sleep environment:

  1. Colour me pretty 

Choose wall colours that elicit warmth and calm. Studies show that certain colours and hues affect our mood. Green is the most restful colour for the eye while red triggers excitement. Yellow captures joy and happiness whereas blue is known to bring down blood pressure, slow respiration and heart rate. Pick blankets, paintings and wall colours that are soothing to you.

download bedrooms-relax-and-fresh-with-blue-ocean-color-for-bedroom-and-silky-blue-blanked-then-best-wall-colors-for-bedrooms-also-blue-carpet-white-curtain-blue-wall-white-plafond-with-MEZANIN-picture-fram

2. Scent away

Did you know? Lavender has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure – not bad for someone who wants to get a restful night’s sleep. Having lavender scented candles, oils or sachets in your bedroom can make it easier for you to drift off. Stay away from harsh smelling laundry detergents to clean your bedsheets and replace these with scent-free products.

3. White noise

Create a soothing backdrop as you sleep. Having some ambient noise throughout the night can help you sleep through disturbances. White noise works by reducing the difference between background noise and a ‘peak’ sound such as a door slamming. It can be created by anything from a fan or air conditioner to an air purifier.

4.Touched by an angel

If your bedsheets are as rough as sandpaper, you’re probably not sleeping too well. Check your pillow case and mattress for lumps and sags. Evaluate their comfort and keep them clean to avoid dust mites. Try this trick using baking soda to dust off your mattress. It will draw out moisture and you can vacuum it the next day.

5. Eat light, sleep tight.

Research shows that certain foods can promote better sleep. Check out my post on healthy bedtime snacks here.

Comment below and let me know which tips YOU used!

Snooze well!


The Sleep Stealers

What’s been stealing your precious sleep?

I hate to break it to you, but some foods make bad bedtime snacks.

Think back to the those times you indulged in a “snack attack”- did you eat any of these foods?

  • potato chips
  • spicy instant noodles
  • coffee
  • pizza

Caffeine, spicy and heavy, high-fat foods are among the worst offenders.

A recent study shows that caffeine taken 6 hours before bedtime can have significant disruptive effects on sleep.

Moral of the story: refrain from coffee and energy drinks at least 6 hours before lights out. Avoid these drink as they act as stimulants, causing sleep fragmentation.

Can’t live without coffee?

Research shows that diets high in nutrients like hexadecanoic acid (found in butter, red meat and cheese) may also affect rest.

Next time you’re craving a late night snack, try these options instead:

  • whole grain crackers with turkey
  • a banana
  • a boiled egg and toast
  • dried fruits, seed and nuts

Happy Snoozing!